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Every child has a unique spark. MUSE feeds the fire.

Watch your child in the midst of doing something he or she loves – playing, reading, making art, exploring nature, or engaged in sports. See that inner light? You’ll see that same light in the eyes of every MUSE School student every day.

Tapping the passion

At MUSE, every child is truly known. We understand and honor students as individuals – dreamers, observers, envelope pushers, and everything in between. We give each a voice in choosing curriculum based on what they like, how they learn, where they find fun, and what they need. We honor and celebrate creativity. We encourage exploration and imagination. We foster compassion and optimism. We focus on preserving the environment and building community. We believe absolutely that the freedom to follow one’s own path every day is essential in nurturing fully invested, absorbed, and passionate learners.

Community is key

MUSE students work with faculty-led teams that include industry experts, expert practitioners, and other passionate, knowledgeable and playful adults from the extended community. In the process, we foster courageous, imaginative, spirited, thoughtful, healthy, responsive, skilled contenders who will take the lead in a world that’s hungry for their unique talents and perspectives. MUSE students launch from our program with a sound academic foundation, skilled in reading, communication, math, art, and design. They’re literate about green technologies, dedicated to preserving the planet, and conscious about what they eat and where it comes from. They’re eager to contribute everything they know to their communities and to the world at large.

Just imagine what you could accomplish in an environment with that kind of perspective, freedom, and support. Now imagine your child here.